Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bo Bartlett - Day 3

Today we started the day with a small talk about Ken Wilber's Spiral Dynamics. The big idea from the discussion was "be mindful of what is good for the whole system". In addition to applying to life, Bo also asked us to consider using it in our art.

Next we were off to Yoga- My friend Laura has a class in Greenville, SC at an indoor rowing facility, Greenville Indoor Rowing (her husband Lowell teaches rowing) where she incorporates rowing and yoga. She calls it RowGa. So in honor of Laura I'll call what we are doing in the morning, artga! Here's a picture of Bo beginning our practice...
Now that our mind and bodies were stretched we returned to the studio and completed our grisaille paintings.

Below you can see the open drawing and closed drawing exercise we I did yesterday and mentioned in yesterday's blog post.
Open drawing
 Closed drawing.

 This is a detail of the head portion of my "in process"  grisaille painting.

Here is a picture of Bo working on his grisaille painting.

I'm looking forward to our final day tomorrow where the paintings will come to life with color glazes.  Stay tuned!

Happy drawing & painting!

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