Thursday, November 5, 2009

My New Drawing Tool - the Iphone

Digital drawing 2"x3.5"

Digital drawing 2"x3.5"

The ultimate thumbnail drawing.... these two drawings were done on my Iphone's 2"x3.5" screen using the application "Brushes". I attended a local life drawing group at the Hub-Bub showroom and decided to experiment with my Iphone.

I read about the Iphone application "Brushes" this summer in the New Yorker. Read the article here. This article spurred me on to get it a try. With no "How to" manual in hand it did require a lot of trial and error. The undo option does help tremendously with the experimentation. I did find a User's guide while write this blog entry so stay tuned for some more experiments.

The screen on the Iphone is 2"x3.5" (the size of a business card) so I use a stylus instead of my finger because it is so hard to see what I'm doing with my finger in the way.

Check this cool video of the process of drawing the first figure.