Thursday, April 15, 2010

Painting NC - Plein Air Invitational Event

Flower Girl - Plein-Air Painting 10"x8"

I participated again in the "Painting NC Plein -Air Invitational" hosted by Germanton Gallery in Germanton NC. The way this event works is artists from around the country come to NC and begin painting from April 3 - 8th. We deliver up to 4 of the paintings we painted that week, framed and ready to hang, to Germanton Gallery for a show and reception Friday, April 9th. The show hangs through the month of April.

This year I made day trips to Tryon, NC then traveled to Germanton, NC (near Winston Salem, NC) to paint until Sunday. This year I stayed with a wonderful art patron in Midway, NC with two other artists, Doug Martin from Colorada and Bernard Martin (no relation to Doug) from Florida. I really enjoyed getting to know them and talk art shop.

I was a tad rusty with my plein-air skills because I'm not much of a winter plein-air painter. The wonderful Spring weather was an inspiration and it felt great to get out and paint again. There is no substitute for painting from life. The "Flower Girl" painting was the last painting of the week for me. The model, Maya, is a pro at 14 years old!

Happy Spring and happy painting!