Friday, March 25, 2011

Bo Bartlett - Day 2

Today we began the workshop with Bo Bartlett.  Artists from as far away as California and New York have come to learn from Bo. The title of his workshop is- Holistic Painting: Finding Tour Voice As A Painter.

We began the morning with introductions then all participated in a yoga stretching session before we even lifted a pencil or brush... Namaste!

Each of us was given a 148 page booklet compiled from his senior painting seminar given at the Fall of 2000 and the Spring of 2001 at the Pennsylvania Academy.

"Ground rules" were discussed-

On we went to draw- First open line drawings (no tone/values) then closed line drawings (tone/value only). Lunch break, then we walked with Bo to the CSU's Corn Art Center to see one of his 3 exhibits in downtown Columbus.  Bo spoke with us about his process and thoughts behind several of his paintings.

After the Corn Art Center visit we walked back to the Carpenter Center to begin our paintings.  Bo discussed the grisaille method which he uses.  Grisaille is an under painting of values. Once dry color glazes are painted on top to create a realistic look. I am more of a direct painter, where I go for a completed realistic look immediately so I am looking forward to getting out of my box.

Tomorrow I'll post some of the drawings and the beginning of my grisaille.

Happy drawing & painting!

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