Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Arts with Heart

This Friday I was honored to be part of the Art with Hearts hosted by Bub-Bub.com. This event featured 11 artists. Each artist chose a local charity. Half of our sales went to support our chosen charity. I chose the Spartanburg Alzheimer's Association. Last year we thought my stepfather might have early stage Alzheimer's and that is why they were my charity. Alzheimer's is a disease that attacks the brain. Every 72 seconds someone is diagnosed. We'll never know if infact he had Alzheimer's because December 15 he had a massive brain hemorrhage and passed away 7 days later. My stepfather was a wonderful gentleman who owned and ran a drug store in downtown Spartanburg from 1948 until 1985. He loved Spartanburg and he loved people. I'll miss his sweet smile.