Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mt. Pleasant Waterworks

I've started a new oil painting. This is the thumbnail drawing I worked out before I started the painting. On Simmons St. in Mt. Pleasant, SC you'll see this old watertower watching over the old village. I had an art studio just across the street from this tower and got to see the sky do some wonderful things to this tower. Finally, now that I've moved up to Spartanburg, I've decided to paint it.

The day I made some sketch notes for this painting a thunderhead was moving in. Past plane trails were also etched across the blue sky. A Redtail Hawk lives up there so I felt the plane trails could symbolize that for me. What interests me about this is not only the very cool old watertower, but also the fun design possibilities. Stay tuned for the up load of the finished painting... should be next week. Happy drawing & painting!