Friday, September 19, 2008

Waiting on Mom

Step #1 charcoal drawing on a grey toned canvas panel

Thought I'd make a better effort at recording the process of a painting. I'll have to take it off the easel and bring it outside to photograph each stage. This process of stopping to photograph will also give me a chance to view the painting in a different way.

I love the saying "Make your life a work of art". I believe that can be done by anyone in any walk of life. What this means to me is; in anything you do be there 100% and make it as beautiful as you can. From the meal you prepare, to the bed you make - I believe a person can be creative in any act.

My current work takes that saying literally. The paintings I create are from my life - where I travel, what I see and who I meet.

This painting is called "Waiting on Mom". I was at the Spartanburg Regional Hospital's Heart Center in their waiting room waiting on my Mom. She was having a heart catheterization to investigate some problems she had been experiencing. There were alot of people in the waiting room waiting on their loved ones too.

I don't always make a charcoal drawing first, but because the composition was alittle complicated I thought I'd map it out.

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