Friday, October 26, 2007

We Live Here Now

The Hub-Bub artists, Arielle and Rachel are living downtown for 5 days in a store front on 100 E. Main Street. Their goal is to promote downtown and its small but growing art scene, and to highlight in a unique way what it would be like to live downtown. They are calling the project "We Live Here Now."
I dropped by today to sketch art in the making! Arielle and Rachel are two of four artist participating in the Artists-in-Residence program run by Hub-Bub. Hub-Bub has some great things happening.
Now that "I live here now" it is things like this that has me encourgaged that great things are happening in my old town.


  1. Hi Isabel,

    thanks for your comment, welcome to the world of blogging, I think you'll find it addictive (I have)! Very nice sketch too, looking forward to seeing more.


  2. Isabel!

    Greetings from a long-ago friend, wishing you all the best. Noting, for certain, how accomplished and flowing you have morphed within your being..... So great seeing you. I recall eating some seafood with you, many years ago, in the wonderful town of "Scarey-sota".

    As always, tippin' my cap to your wonderfully talented self...!


  3. WOW, Jeanne Morrow.... seems like that was a lifetime ago. Hope all is well with you and your family. Email me sometime. Thanks for the kind words.